Zuza & Serek - Paris

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I am a journalist
All my oufit is vintage.
Perfume: "Insolence" by GIVENCHY.
Fashion is a kind of expression.
My look is just like feeel conrotable.
I love music and my friend. I hate Homophobic and rude people.
My message to the world: Be open mind !


I am a Shop-Holder, a journalist and a DJ.
I wear a jacket by MARTIN MAGIELA.
Jeans by JULIAN RED. Skirt by NANKE.
Glasses vintage.
Perfume: I am "Comme des gar�ons" addicted !
Sneakers by REEBOK.
Fashion is my plan for Life !
My look is pinky ...
L love laughing, sun, sea ... I don't like opposite, rain, sad people ...
My message to the world: Be Colorfull !

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