Aziliz & Audren - Le Marais - Paris

Aziliz (sister)
I am a student in HighSchool
I wear a Jenifer Jacket
Pants and Scarf from Internet
Perfume "Miss Dior"
If I had 1 000�, I would buy beautiful boots
I love Cats and Music
I don't like banality
My message to the world: Buy the next CD of Tokyo Hotel
and don't forget to vote for me !

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Audren (brother)
I am a TV Producer and Actor student
I wear a jacket vintage
T-Shirt Hip-Hop
Hat by FLECHET (Le Marais)
Sunnies by RAY BAN
Perfume: "Noir de Noir" by TOM FORD
For me Fashion is a game
If I had 1000� 8 would buy new JB RAUTUREAU Boots !
I love originality and daring
I hate banality and ignorance
My message to the world: Be yourself and have fun !

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