Internship Opportunity at Watters & Watters, Inc.

Watters Intern
Design Dept � assist the D & D team with multiples functions in order to gain a wide range of experience �

Garment specifications

Quality control

Inventory of prototypes to factories and dept.
Shadow pattern makers in marking /grading/draping
Shadow designers � graphic layout assistance, swatch procurement & misc tasks.

Production Dept. � assist with pre & post production functions in order to better understand the complete D & D process from inception to fulfillment

Sales & Marketing �

� Assist in maintaining emails � 1-3 hours
� Assist sales in any sales/marketing mail-outs. Includes:
o New Account Binders
o Swatch/Product Guide Mailouts
o Various editorial Mailouts

� Help with printing off all information that belongs in the red folder for trunk shows.
o TS result form
o Line Sheets
o Products Guide
o Product Sheets for S10- WB, WW, W2B, W2, FL, C20 AND JEWELRY
o Size Chart
� Misc. Print Jobs
o Newsletter�s
o Box Promo
o Information for Mail Outs
� Retailer loan program
o Responsible for assisting Jessie in borrow requests. Will be responsible in going downstairs to see if the dress is available.
� Trunk show /market inventory assistance
o Help organize the cage so all dresses that come back from borrow or editorial are put back in the proper place. Once a week task, every Friday.
� Editorial coordination
o Help with coordinating editorial requests going out.
� Trunk Shows
o Assist me with any trunk shows going out, including making sure all dresses are checked in and the correct styles are going out to the store. Also, help pulling the styles in shipping.

Contact Dee Ngo if you are interested.

Dee Ngo
Watters & Watters, Inc.
4801 Spring Valley Road, Suite 108
Dallas, TX 75244
Work (972) 404-0143 Ext. 117
Fax (972) 385-7025

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