Issue 2

Hey Guys! Some great illustrators featured for the second issue. It's with pride I can announce that Ricardo Fumanal will be the cover star and centrefold, with new illustrations coming up from his new exhibition and an interview.

Also, two incredibly successful illustrators give us their thoughts with Q&As, Jasper Goodall, and Si Scott!!

Male-Mode's Cillian Connor gives us this month's fanboy designer worship and talks about why Thom Browne is his ultimate designer, illustrator yet to be confirmed for that one!

I also put the spotlight on two major personal influences with illustrated articles, the late illustrator George Stavrinos, and an article on why Gattaca is the perfect film for a fashion audience.

We also have a potential interview with a legend, but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by confirming it, just in case it doesn't happen. Stay Tuned!!

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