Julie Verhoeven - A Bit of Rough

I don't know about you, but this totally went under my radar. God knows how, since i'm such a fan of Julie's work, and anybody will tell you it's not easy to get hold of 'Fat Bottomed Girls' or 'Gas Book 13', Julie's two book titles, both of which go for an absolute FORTUNE on the likes of amazon and ebay.

I bought Gas Book 13 as a present for a friend years ago, thinking i'll be able to get a copy of my own sometime. Could I? NO. The Gas 13 book is a treasure to behold, and Julie's talents, while praised to no end in the fashion industry, aren't as appreciated as much as they should be. Her abstract figures and skewed compositions are just incredible, women are usually always the central figures that reflect both a balance of beauty and feminism, yet hold a darker malevolent stirring. I was lucky enough to see her instore display at the Mulberry Store in Leeds while I was living there too, where the walls were covered in doodles and illustratons. I can't find any of it online, but I hope was well photographed and documented by someone.

Her new book, 'A Bit of Rough' IS available at Amazon, so grab a copy while you can, it includes a great selection of images and an essay by critic Francesca Gavin.

Here are some images both related and non related to the book, and also my favourite music video of all time, Mel G's Word Up, art directed by Verhoeven. Also check out a load of great photograph's of Julie's work on Flickr

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