Head Heart & Hips, The Seductive World of BigActive

This book is a few years old now (2005) but I'll always come back to it for a good flick through. This post is mainly because I just stumbled across the book on amazon, where it is currently going for just FOUR POUNDS in new condition, and there are plenty of copies. I DESPERATELY urge you to buy this while it is going so unbelievably cheap. It's at least �20 in high street stores and packed full of BigActive's amazing talents (listed below), all beautifully laid out in full page and double spread layouts, letting the work do all the talking over 208 pages. The book is also hardback and a great size. I've photographed some of the layouts to prove just how sumptuous this book is. BUY BUY BUY

Gerard Saint
Mat Maitland
Richard Andrews
Jasper Goodall
Rene Habermacher & Jannis Tsipoulanis (my personal highlight)
Kate Gibb
Vava Ribiero
Erwan Frotin
Kam Tang
David Foldvari
Patrick Ibanez
Genevieve Gauckler
Daniel Stier
Kristian Russell
Will Sweeney
Simon Henwood
Rachel Thomas

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