Issue 2

Ok, so it will hopefully only be a matter of weeks now, until Decoy 2 is out. I know I've said this all along, but everything is now pretty much complete!

The content will be:

1. Interview with illustrator Si Scott, with illustrations

2. Exclusive full page illustration by Tara Dougans

3. Exclusive full page illustration by Julie Verhoeven

4. Centrefold interview with Ricardo Fumanal, showing his new work

5. Article on Thom Browne by Cillian O' Connor from Male-mode, exclusive illustration by Spiros Halaris

6. Article on the film Gattaca, with an original illustration by myself (richard kilroy)

7. double page feature on the work of 80s illustrator George Stavrinos

8. Exclusive interview with Jasper Goodall, about his new work, print shop and The Face magazine.

There will be a limited amount of 300 copies, posted worldwide, and with the involvement of such great illustrators and in A3 newspaper format, I can't imagine it being around for long! To be put on the mailing list email me, and you'll be notified the moment it is available!

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