The knitted sweater is my grandmother's from the fifties, the rest is old, new stuff. Or how would one put it; new-old, old-new. Hmm. Later in the Easter weekend it got so warm one could stay out with short sleeves on. Finally!

I feel there's been an awful lot of pictures of me here on this blog lately. You know sometimes when blogging this 'what-the-hell-am-I-doing-just-posting-pictures-of-myself-here-all-the-time'-feeling comes over you. Another case of the 'blogsistential crisis' perhaps. But I do remember this little poll I had last autumn where it turned out that in the end outfit posts were the most required. Le sigh. And from time to time there has been very little of those too. I blog in cycles I guess.

Umm, well yes, anyway, if you just can't get enough I suggest you like The Freelancer's Fashion Blog on Facebook too. In the beginning I had no exact idea why I started that page, I just thought it'd be smart at some point or something like that. But it perhaps turned out a less official version of the blog, more face to face interaction. (I mean, as face to face as you can go in the virtual world...) It's also been rather useful. And it is quite fun!

Anyway, now's the time to like it if you will - this blog is reaching 2,000 followers trough Blogger soon and the Facebook page is slowly but certainly climbing up to 1,000 likes. I'm putting togheter something nice for all of you when 2000+1000 happens!

(Btw I also think I look like a squirrel in the first picture but I posted it anyway.)

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