UNT Winning Students at the 2011 Dallas Career Day Fashion Design Competition

Congratulations to all Fashion Design winning students!!

Winner of Neiman Marcus Willowbend Fashion Illustration Competition: Katrina Lee (Senior)

DMC Little Red Dress Competition, sponsored by the Dallas Market Center
2nd Place, Hannah Blalock (Junior)

Winner of Lectra Award: Courtney Powers (Senior)

Winner of Linda Segal Scholarship Fund: Jelyn Hobson (Junior)

Winner of Paris Academy Scholarship: Courtney Powers (Senior)

Sponsored by the Fashion Group International of Dallas
Four Legged Fashion: Canine Meets Couture
2nd Place, Robbie Richard (Senior)

Casual Category
1st Place, Cesar Arzola (Junior)

3rd Place Kirsten Shisko (Senior)

Career/Outerwear Category
1st Place, Bao Tran (Junior)

3rd Place, Elicia Wiltschko (Junior)

Cocktail/Eveningwear Category
2nd Place, Kim Pham (Sophomore)

3rd Place, Robbie Richard (Senior)

Sponsored by Texas Department of Agriculture
Cotton Category
1st Place, Robbie Richard (Senior)

2nd Place, Amy Huang (Junior)

Best of Show, Robbie Richard (Senior)

Photos are provided by Janie Stidham, Robbie Richard, and Bao Tran.

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