This is a re-post of yesterday's vanished post; as most of you know blogger's been having some problems. If I do get the old post and your comments back as Blogger claims I will most likely delete this version...

We're out in the countryside. Eddi and his brother are sowing and I am not doing any of the things I should be doing at my week off work. The cats get to spend some time outside and enjoy the sunshine which makes them a bit overwhelmed.

And it is warm I tell you, finally! First time barefoot this year.

As I've said before, although not that far away, the farm is very much out in the countryside. The neighbor's cows (Pekka's and Lulu's enemies, as they tend to see it) are just right outside the house.

Here's a little extra picture to demonstrate how close they actually are...

And THIS is actually happening!
It would almost have deserved a pots of it's own but since I actually haven't got that far yet (in my mind I'm already done) and started with other chores ("chores") I'll save the Yeys! and Heys! until I'm over the creek as the saying goes (in Swedish).

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