Bleeding hearts

Roses and begonia




But really you know...'s no garden, just our four square meter balcony.

Here's the other corner with Pekka and heathers beneath him (and a dying hortencia).

I have a set of solar-ligt lanterns.

They lit themselves when dark falls.
Only soon it won't be that dark until about August (click this link to see what I mean...). Might get a few bigger lanterns more then or hang the lamps I had there in winter on the other side - I want it to look like there's a party all the time :)

And, speaking about parties and celebrations - the 2,000&1,000 vintage unicorn pendant form Hoochie Mama Jane giveaway is ending now in 1..2..3.! And the winner is:

Congrats, you will get an email form me soon! And for all you others, the Hoochie Mama Jane vintage webshop is open now and there will be more 2,000&1,000 happenings still!

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