Eddi ask me weather I was going to lable this post "stripes and dots" Damn! Because, that's of course what I had in mind, or, tp be prices, Striped and dots and Red. He thought he had started to learn but I considered myself predictable. Not that predictable is necessarily bad, but well, you know.

Sometimes I don't know how the fuck to pose for outfit photos without feeling, well, too 'posey'.

Maybe I should just go for "Hi! this is me in red (and stripes and dots)."

I sometimes get these ideas about an outfit that I just have to try out, and sometimes it can take months before I actually do so. In this cas I noticed the outcome was not perfect as the skirt and jacket differ a lot in texture. But then again red is always rend ad people just do not wear enough red. I guess.

When I was small the most amazing this I could think of was dotted tights. I never had any. Or, perhaps I did have a pair in white with white dots. But I was always thinking of dotted ones like this.

Isn't it great to be grown up and actually be able to get the things you wanted as a kid? Even better if you still want them, of course. (I gave up that whole "when I group I want to be a princess"-answer long time ago as I realized there were no suitable monarchs in my taste out there.)

But anyway, wait and see, there are even more polka dots to this one.


�should I have gone for "I See Red" up there? Hmmm.

The jacket and bag is vintage, skirt Vivien of Holloway, the shoes form Tallinn, tights from Accessorize and the hat is a big black clip-on bow.

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