Aaaaaaa! So much left to pack and organize and I'm leaving real soon (breathe, breathe, breathe)

Packing sucks if you want to taks lots and lots of stuff with ou as you will be doing lots and lots of things in different environments but you are still smart enough to realize you have to be practical and not bring too much.

That god damn Eddi has packed his tiny pile of clothes long time ago.

It is always said one should not go all shouting about leaving home and going on vacation on social sites as that basically is an invitation to unwanted guest. Well I have been babbling on about my trip on the whole world wide web and some might say that's a bit stupid, but the thing is my flat won't be that unattended as I just might have two seamen from across the bay staying here taking care of my plants. Nice guys, but if any of you tries to break in they will first chop of your fingers and have them fried with ketcup and then they will kill you. Or I might not, but not worth the risk now is it? So not worth it if you like your little pinkies there where they are on your hand instead of in someones mouth, OK?

Well, but now back to the packing. I actually plan to get by on pretty little, well, of course, depending on how you see it.
I will be gone for three weeks but we will bring a computer with us so I will try to do some posts every now and then.
Because, hehe, I will have lots of things to tell you I'm sure.

We'll perform in Vegas in Thursday at the Burlesque Hall of Fame's Mover's, Shakers & Innovators night, some days later we'll be in Austin, TX, drive to New Orleans and then continue to Miami. And I'm only bringing four (ok, well, five) pairs of shoes!

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