You have no idea how many posts of mine remain unpublished.
I have megabytes after megabytes of photos that were meant for posts that I never have had the time to post about. Something else came up instead, I wasn't able to produce text or could choose pictures, others just lingered on my to-blog list until they felt out-of date (like, say, photos from my trip to Oslo january 2010...).

This was for a post about lashes at a time I was still blonde.

And this one about nails.

The point here was the blue hair flower and the fact that I wore blue shoes.

And lots of other things and happenings and themes...

But Goddamit! I have at least two hundred (some relatively crappy and some less crappy) pictures of baby lambs - lambs that already are sort of big by now and out on the fields for the rest of the summer - but there is so going to be a lamb post still, at some point!

(I also have about twice as many pictures of ice and snow and stuff in the habour so there will be such a post too, weather anyone really wants to see it or not.)

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