So a lot of you requested a tutorial on the sixties look I did a while ago. The thing is I don't feel that comfortable doing tutorials on looks that I don't do on a regular basis. And I never really got make up tutorials,I mostly think about how I'd draw a face or so and apply make up according to that, or if I want a certain look I watch images and try to make myself look similar...

I tried to sneakily show you how it's done by posting a close up on Julianne Moore's make up as Charly in my post about the film A Single Man but maybe that hint was too subtle :) But anyway I think the picture shows it pretty well - the thing is just to use a light eye shadow and then accent the socket with a dark colour and line the eyes throughout. Dark, edgy and stylized.

In the picture above (by Aino, taken last year at a venue), I have done a similar, but slightly simpler version of the make up. For this retro-galactic look I didn't do it that precise or refined; I only used a dark grey soft pen to draw the line above the socket. For the sixties party look I used both dark eyeshadow and a pen. The finished look should be quite hard! You should use big eyelashes and a smaller pair on the lower lashes (remember to turn them "upside down" ) or put lots of mascara on depending on what kind of relust you want. You can also add small snippets of lashes under the eye instead. I accentuate the lips by drawing a white line above the upper lips and slightly fade it out, but otherwise no lipstick.

If you still feel you don't want to try this on your own without some more help from a video there's one really good HERE.

A what comes to the hair; I rolled half my hair around a rat into a bun on the top of my head and then rolled a burlesque wig of mine(which is almost the same colour as my hair) as a bigger bun around it and fastened it by sticking pins trough into the rat underneath. The rest of my hair I rolled into a French twist in the back. And it actually was rather tricky, hence no tutorial. But I promise to try and come up with something similar you could make without a wig! Although I am tempted to buy some sort of extra ponytail to be able to use for buns and chignons - the wig was good for this party as I wanted a huge and rather exaggerated look, but it is not easy to do and feels somewhat heave on the head.

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