Marked "Hellsinky September '99"
The pictures of me, a little before i turned 18, and my friend Izu in the park were taken by some Italian guy who stopped and asked us if he could snap some photos. He later sent them to me. He also sent me a picture of him on a vespa but that one I no longer have.

Look at all that hair of mine... I still have that 60's dress. Only somethign tells me I will not fit in to it anymore.

A couple of my best friends at the time, Izu and Maria. Izu is now an artist living in Berlin and Maria is the mother of a first grader. I developed the photo myself and accidentally flipped it, as you can see the text is wrong.

In France one summer before. I was there some weeks on a French course. Check out those sandals...!

Hippie shot of Maria.

Well this one you have seen before, earlier. I recently bumped in to a girl that had been a few grades under me, and had sung in the same school choir. She recognized me and said "you had a thing for butterflies back then". Well, um, yes, I guess I did.

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