I am not much of a shopper abroad; you won't see me come home with half a new wardrobe from my travels. I always stock up on things I need before the trip and then get all modest when away and only feel I can by something if it is really extra spectacular. Or, then I just buy something that's alright because I feel I have to. You see, it is just the internet that brings out the shopping devil in me.

However, New Orleans being one of the main stops at our journey I was very much planning and looking forward to (I was actually ridiculously excited the closer that day came...) do some shopping at one of my absolute favourite stores, you know: Trashy Diva!

First I visited the French Quarter store and they were kind enough to let me take photos there.

So many dresses I didn't quite know where to start!

Although I have quite many dresses from before I now got a chance to try out more of the models and patterns. (Good for future shopping references, hehe. And for the questions I get about styles and fit...) I actually ended up buying some totally different pieces than planned! Although I in the end was rather calm and modest and bought only two (once again, it is only -well, almost- the evil world wide web that makes me splurge).

If you happen to be in town it is also worth visiting the uptown store, they have some pieces from older collections too and the area is nice to stroll around in, although I didn't take any photos in there.

Eddi bought me this one; it was so good on!

Trashy Diva also has a brand new developed website and store where you can shop by print or style. And you will want to visit that site now, as, on to the best part now - I've been looking forward to this Oh Yeah:

Trashy Diva is offering the readers of this blog 20% off a purchase until July 28!

To get the discount use the code: FFB20PER

...happy shopping!

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