After Las Vegas we flew to Austin. In Texas, you know. The difference was enormous and right then, tired as we were, for the better - after the 24 hour bling bling and slot machine ringing of Vegas Austin was easy going with bird song, organic food and guys playing guitars in the corners of the streets. I didn't even feel like wearing lipstick. We stayed at the Hotel San Jose which with it's Eames chairs, rain water bottles, vintage carpets and signed rock n'roll posters on the walls was designed to the max, although still surprisingly laid back. I suppose at another place it would have been all too much hipster for me but right then right there it was just perfect. It was terribly hot and we took it easy by the pool, browsed vintage stores and had hoummus sandwiches, mexican food some beers at night, mostly around South Congress.

Then we rented a car and drove 3300 kilometers, but I'll get back to the rest later.

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