Or, rather : three things somewhat recently and one thing right now. But anyway.

Filled up some candy jars last time I was out at the farm house. You see the thing is, all that candy that was in the bag� it's not for eating. I only like the kind of sweets that will make you fat. As said before, I like candy for it's looks. I tend to keep a jar full of peppermints. That I never touch and NO ONE ELSE GODDAMIT but others still tend to secretly sneak a few of every now and then and quite often in fact. But now I have a stash to fill up after the boys -and husband- and their sticky fingers (literally) have been around.

On the boat on the way home I bought fruit drops! So old school you can't go any more old school. My grandmother always had these at home (a home which is now mine, funny) when I was a kid! More candy jars that is! Worse teeth for the boys!
And next time I travel I need to bring her a jar, didn't think of it until just now...

More sweetes; Eddi and I got a basket with an old porcelain coffee set and a big box of 50's cutlery as a wedding gift from his parents. Their house is just up on the hill opposite of the farm house, and full of past generation's furniture and items. His mom calls it old crap to get rid of, and well, I say Yes Please.

And now I just painted my nails sky blue - haven't had'em blue since I was 15 I think - and enjoyed a watermelon smoothie on the balcony, overflowed with the warm evening sun, at home in town.

And as little extra thing here I can tell you that Thrifted and Modern is offering you 15% off until August15, but you'd already know that if you'd hang out with me on Facebook, that's where it's all heard first.

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