First things first! This little daring rascal is now safe back home after a very worrying yesterday; I woke up and Lulu was nowhere to be found. THe cats sometimes go hide in strange places and stay quiet but mostly Pekka. I searched the whole house like crazy but Lulu was nowhere to be found. The only option I had left was that she had managed to sneak out and climb down or even worse: fall out form the little gap in between our balcony windows on the third floor. (It is common with glass panels on the balconies here that slide open, so that we can enjoy sitting outside for more than those three nights per year - alright, slight exaggeration three months - when it's nice and warm). But I had to go to work and had to leave the search for later, sort of thinking she'd still show up at the door when I returned. And when I got home from work ater midnight I did see a little balck silhouette and staring eyes in the bushes at the end of our building; my little scared cat was sitting there all alone. And she was alright. Oh the relief!

Since I've gained quite the few kilos during last year (age does not come alone as we say over here) and added some bonus squish all around after my trip to the U.S. I'm relaly trying to go super healthy. Breakfast of banana, cottage cheese, strawberries and raspberries with almonds. Well, pretty much what I'd normally have too...I'm just going to drink less milkshake in the evenings now then I guess.

Although most likely downloadable already and available in snippets on youtube, I'm very much looking forward to seeing this film in the cinemas, It'll arrive here next weekend!

And last but not least, but on with the suspense music again, it is time to reveal the winner of the Tyra Therman hair origami fascinator...

...and the lucky winner this time is Kelley from California! An email is on the way to you Kelley!

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