So, now I'm off with Eddi and the kids to Legoland!
(Do you know how many lego animations and whatever there is out there on youtube? Some very, some less well done. Got stuck watching them half trough the night when looking for something to post. Thank you fuck you very much, internet!)

Now if someone was hoping to (once again) see me in a post instead of grooving lego men you still can get your daily dose by watching Baltic Coasts today on TV1; I'll be doing some harbor stuff and burlesque too on tonights episode. I know that some of you elsewhere have seen it already and apparently my three minutes made a huge impact on some, since I started receiving Facebook friend requests and emails (basically saying "Hi, I saw you on tv." Ummmm, aha, ok.) from a lot of people I don't know. Which is a bit weird maybe -now the series are actually quite well made and interesting, but I've seen my insert and it is totally alright but I am still not starting my own Facebook fan page quite yet... How the voice over manages to translate my words of "sometimes it has even happened that a car has caught fire" with "Many times cars bursts into flames!" is and will remain a linguistic enigma for me at least. The harbor is a dangerous place. Eh, sort of. But ta-ta for now!

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