I've had a pretty rough week at work (and it ain't over yet, sight); it's high season for pretty much everything you can stuff into a ship so it's all burning hot asphalt, dirt, trucks and cars for me. And sweat. it makes me tired and in the mood to constantly treat myself with something (mostly ice cream).

Coming home after work I arrived at the same time as Eddi and we chatted a bit in the front of our building with the elderly lady form downstairs, about stuff like birds and the weather. And then I could see a FedEx car in the corner of my eye far aways, driving on the big road. And I though 'mmmm, FedEx, someone's getting something nice delivered soon' and in the same time it struck me that it actually might be me. Hell yes! The car turned down our road and at that point I had already guessed what it might be and yes, it turned into our parking lot and now I knew it was for me (mini Christmas, yey! - my bird conversation was a bit distracted by now) as hell no other way someone else in our building orders stuff form the internet. And goddamit there it was, my brand new mint green blender! (You know, In case you don't remember my fridge is mint green as well.)

I made us an ice cold milkshake right away.

Oh yes! Bought form the UK it needs a plug adapter but it's a pretty small piece so it doesn't matter.

We had it on the balcony, where it's like +50 right now.

Husband, berries & ice cream ?

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