So, here are a few photos from our wedding on the 3rd of June in Vegas!
As you can see, The King was there too.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
Since rather few knew about the wedding and since everything was very hetic before the trip there was no hen-night for me. But the Itty-Bitties threw me a mini bachelorette party the morning of the wedding; champagne, chocolate strawberries and a quick treat at the hotel spa!
(The vintage necklace was the old, of course, the shoe pads new. Borrowed was a song lyrics quote -a greeting from Ina- and blue some Finnish mint liquor...that I forgot (or, well, Eddi packed) in my carry-on bag and was confiscated at Heathrow...)

Graceland Chapel, where it happened! Picture snapped from Olivia Rouge.

Waiting outside for our turn. All rather excited and nervous at that point.

The ceremony! All short and sweet. Elvis was late though, caught in traffic, so in the end the wedding did last a bit longer and the waiting sort of boosted up the whole thing even more :)

Newly weds. Pictures by Tuomas Lairila.

Mr. & Mrs. by Aino.

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