Most of my plants died during our trips, regardless of my sisters effort to come and water them. Now I have a little olive tree on the balcony intstead. I will have to wait and see if it
1) will survive longer that a month and
2) those small green balls will turn into eatable olives at some point. Strongly depends on 1.

I bought us a Chinese porcelain vase that I'd been eyeing over at a market place for some time. Now I'm just waiting for the cats to drop it...
Maybe I should fill it with concrete in order for it not to tip over. But I'm guessing it is just a matter of time.

We have a bottle of Elvis wine waiting to be opened. I doubt sommeliers or wine connoisseurs would go crazy over this one; I don't even know if the King himself went for wines or not but hey - Elvis wine, had to get it!

I also just got myself a new bathing suit now suitably that the season is starting to be over. WIl come in real handy as I did not go to the beach once this year (exept in Key West but tht does not count) and I already own two bikinis that were waiting to be worn a little more. Well, I still have time to use it during what's left of summer only I doubt I will - it will have to wait for winter when we'll do a little trip southwards!

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