Oh my! Looks like I'm about to do some traveling?

But noup; no! This is just the basic pile of bags I have to drag along when going performing...this time only to do two numbers - you can imagine what I have to carry when doing a full night's show! However, I have to add; the IBTC-suitcase does contain a small city, hence the other bag. (If that last sentence confused you and made you go all WTF? then you might want to refresh your mind with this post :)

The dress is the Trixie sarong dress from Trashy Diva (summer decided to linger a little longer, yey; I got a chance to wear it this year still!). The shoes are from Andiamo last spring and the jewelry vintage. And yes, I have rollers in my hair; this is usually how I leave home for a show; huge-headed.

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