I know I said I was going to give you pictures of the bayou i.e. from the Louisiana part of our trip but my computer has somehow strangely eternally erased some of them (without even asking me first, hmpf!) so here's a picture of me in capri pants instead.

(I ran two softwares to try and fin the missing 50-something ones and the formatted memory card found 21 of them but the rest remain strangely swallowed by the bits and bytes of my computer, it's all very what the fucketi-fuck and highly annoying.)

Some of you followed the capri discussion on my Facebook page; I overcame my fear of buying trousers online and ordered these baby blue ones. And when they arrived I was all "oh, they're kind of�hot" (in a disappointed tone) when what I was actually after was not skin tight but rather a bit more casual and nerdier pants. I can't even wear these with normal underwear as it will show trough but have to go get some of those t-shirt bra goes panties versions. Well what was I expecting ordering bengaline pants from Pinup Girls clothing, duh, of coures they'de be sassy! But they are kind of nice, or even great after all; I love the colour! And they feel pretty good on. Plus these will even make me slim down HAHA since I have to suck in that post-pregnancy-belly-which-would-be-OK-were-I-actually-post-pregnant-and-not-just-squichier-than-before belly of mine in order not to give too many associations to baby blue sausage. And I pose in a favorable angle.

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