Two months ago, quite exactly, we were in Louisiana. We rented a cabin by a lake for a couple of days on our way to New Orleans.

The first night we had a snake on the porch. It was a bit freaky but we made our way to sit out there with some evening beers anyway.

And OK; if I have any readers from the deep south you are entitled to and probably will roll your eyes now but every now and then we went all "Oh this is just like in True Blood!". Yes, we are total nerds. But it was! As you can see in the pic I'm already turning into, well, something beyond the ordinary.

Less spooky in the morning, all calm and pretty. And who would've though, they had WiFi out in the woods! (Not complimentary though, we leeched, I was kind of waiting for some guy with a shot gun to show up...good thing no one did :)

We just had a visit from this little fella every morning instead. And then from all of his friends too.

We drove in to town.

And out to the swamp. Pictures from the bayou as promised!

Had Cajun food. I'm not sure how many bloggers hang out at Mulates so I left the food photography for someone else not to seem too much of an idiot but did take some sneaky pictures of my pie:

Out of all places I had to go ask for sparkling water here. At this point I had noticed it never was as an option on the menus but I still didn't know sparkling water-soda water-water with gas -you say tomato I say tomato-whatever you want to call it is not really an option; I though it'd be as common as in Europe. So I came out an idiot anyway, hah. Duh.

We also went to Avery Island which is the home of Tabasco (we like Tabasco) and did a bunch of other stuff but my computer decided to absolutely vanish those pictures beyond recovery so here are some mini Tabasco bottles we brought home instead.

Then we drove off for new adventures but that's to be continued...

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