(If you were live and kickin' in the 90's you'll remember this)

Sometimes I visit blogs where the person is presented in a so unbearably hip way I wonder how they manage to actually fucking breathe. (And I think "Oh Come On" but perhaps that's just because I can be a real asshole sometimes.) And I see others - mostly young and waiting for things to happen I guess - heedlessly swoon over certain blogs or persons on the internet. It is true some persons lives are more interesting and some lives more fabulous, but one thing about blogging is that you very much get to -and should- choose which side or which things you do show. Some choose to blog about certain things, some about other, some a little about everything. Some do it more some do it less personal. Of course one reason why I read and browse blogs is exactly for those pretty and inspirational pictures and details! And often also for laughs and eye rolling and quite much for that little peak in to someone's elses life, that's different from mine. Or perhaps even similar.

But what everyone should remember is that everybody out there does go to the toilet and gather up unwashed dishes at some point, nobody wakes up every day with a sexy bed hair fluff nor lives a life full of just rosy stuff, everyone has their issues although blogged images may tell a different story. (For example our home does of course not always look as sleek as in the pictures I post, it is most often messy. Sometimes it's a charming mess, mostly just terrible. And we all know what I look like at work :)

I'm not making a bigger than life point here, only saying that everyone should take it with a little hint of salt, and no one, no matter how pretentious one may be, should ever take oneself too seriously.

Well, you all go on and have a nice night now!

(I will enjoy my evening with a glass of red and some Puccini, yes. But by a messy table and with oh so un-attended hair.)

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