Last Saturday I spent in the habour and later at a great rocking gig in town, but this is what a few Saturdays ago as looked trough my phone:

09:00 - I wake up and start pin-curling my hair for a gig at a wedding I will have in the evening. I thought it'd be a lot faster now that my hair is short, but I need to make the curls smaller in order for the to actually be curly and not just a little bent. Alas, my arms still get tired during the procedure...

10:00 - do about an hour of yoga out in the garden. The cats are as awlays very eager to join.

11:00 - pick some left over wineberries to put on my breakfast sour milk.I wish I'd have had the time to pick some earlier are out in the freezer. (But the freezer did break down recently so good thing in the end I did not pick those berries on time; it would've pissed me off big time to have seen them ruined!)

12:00 - We're about to head back to town and I say goodbye to the lambs. They get to stay out all summer and are re-located a bit according to how fast they eat the vegetation up. Right now the female lambs are just outside our house.

13:00 - Driving home trough summery fields.

14:00 - Change of plans! Since somebody's ex wife has a little different way of comprehending schedule and agreements than the rest of the world we have the kids arriving a few days earlier to us rather sudden and need to re-organize everything and change the dinner plans I had with my sister; we'll do take away in stead and have it at our place after our show - which means a quick tidying up and cleaning! (PS: the bottle does say NON-toxic cleaning, although the picture tells it a little different :)

15:00 - Still panic-cleaning...

16:00 - Packing for our gig! I'll be doing my old Finnish movie summer themed number and Eddi will be part of the show too.Last time we did said number was in July a year ago.

17:00 - my sister and her hubby has agreed to do some extempore babysitting during our show. Here's their little Lily dog with it's huge bone! Lily is quite the hit with the kids, serving as a never ending source of fascination...

18:00 - Arriving at the veune before all the guests and hiding away backstage as we are suprise perfomers. Sir Willy Waterlily, Mis Sandy Jungle and Lola Vanilla are also performing tonight which means quality time make-upping and hanging out.

19:00 - Stil waiting... Here's lovely miss Jungle.

And Lola Vanilla, drag queen extraordinaire.

20:00 - The staff at the place is great; we've performed there often at different events. They send us up some bubbly.

21:00 - Showtime! Here's me and my co-star just about to go on stage. And oh yes I do this number to some good ol' rautalanka; my favorite.

22:00 - Back home; pick up children sister and boyfriend and have lots and lots of sushi. And edamame and kimchi and wine and I'm telling you; I could have this every second day, at least!

Later - A while after this I fall asleep on the couch.

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