Here's how you make a chili smoothie!

Take some fruit juice; I used mango-orange juice, strawberries (preferably frozen as I like my smoothies icy), a piece of fresh fruit, berries or vegetable and some plain yoghurt. I did this yesterday without the yoghurt and it works fine that way too. And why not add some seeds or such while you're at it.

And last but not least you'll need some fresh chili too. I have a plant out on the balcony to cut from. (I suppose you could use chili powder too but that's not really the same thing though.)

Cut about an inch of the chili, chop it in smaller pieces and save the rest for later. I gently rinse the chili to get the seeds out.

Add everything in your blender and let it do it's thing! Vroom vroom vroom!

Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and there's your morning booster!

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