You've seen most of our flat in previous posts (here, here and here or under the 'At Home'-label, which actually is my favorite one) but there are in fact two more rooms to our flat that I haven't posted pictures of before. Most because they're always rather messy.
But maybe it's time to take a look!

To the right we have the pastel coloured kitchen, but to the left we have...

...the childrens' room!
As you may remember Eddi's sons, 10 and 5 years old, live with us every second week. Although those weekends mostly are spent at the farm here's where they reside during the weekdays.

This was the room I was tearing out the 70's plastic carpet form in the renovation post last spring. The table is made from the original kitchen's working surface.

Remember the Moomin cards I got but did not know what to do of? I hang them on the kid's door! The inside of the door is painted with chalk board paint and can be drawn upon.

We cut an IKEA table in half on both sides of the shelf to use for small items; books and school bags or to sit on when tying the shoes. It is fastened with a piece of wood against the wall.

I like the look of bunting but I sort of still don't get the point of it so I made my own version of vintage replica post cards of animals aroudn the world and a few meters of silk ribbon.

Then there's the blue room, where we work. I foudn the huge sciccors in an old toolbox.

You may remember it as the room with all the stuff in it during the renovation.

Normally it's full of burlesque show bags to unpack, suitcases from trips or just papers papers papers and eternal sewing projects.

And either way everything is always full of cats.

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