Every now and then I actually hope for a little flu so I can lie at home in bed with a good consciousness. And perhaps even get that damn wardrobe of mine organized and cleaned out. And with the amount of work that I do, and it's kind, I really do get ill a couple of two three times a year. The only thing is that then I tend to be rather tired, alas, the closet is still un organized.

This week I was home for three days with an ill knee and a slight flu. I did not do any organizing but here's what I did instead:

Stayed in bed drinking smoothies, browsing interior magazines and reading. The cats kept me company.

Re-planetd some of my pelargoniums in bigger pots. And made those ticklie things. I am not totally hopeless when it comes to plants.

OK Alright, I know they're called cuttings! I just think ticklies would sound better (and it would derive from the Swedish word for cuttings; stickling).

Had lots of peppermint tea with honey waffles. And Laponian bread cheese! I you may recall I tend to get addicted to certain foods for a period and now it's bread cheese. (Those waffles are a long term favorite.) Its a firm, rather tasteless fresh cheese that goes squisch squash when you chew it. Should be eten with cloudberry jam, although strawberry also works. I remember the disappointment when I first tasted it as a child; I thought it was a pancake.

And then I've been trying to sketch on a work I have waiting for me. With chicks and cup cakes. But so far I haven't made it that far. Blah.

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