Ren� Habermacher & Jannis Tsipoulanis

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I ADORE the work of R�ne and Jannis, and it seems next to impossible to find their collaborative illustration work anywhere online. And by this, I mean, the gloriously artificial images that they produced when working together, (not their photography). Airbrush art is far too easy and inappropriate a term to use, these sumptuous hyper-real illustrations obviously use photography as their source material, but in their own words, "the technique is not about retouching, it's about destroying and building something from nothing. The end result shows everything in its minutest detail, while retouching seeks to obliterate." The images here remind me a lot of Richard Bernstein's covers for Interview, especially for their fantastic use of colour.

I've ended up scanning images out of my two favourite illustration books in order to put this post together and show just how amazing their work is, Big Active's 'Heart Head & Hips', and 'Fashion Illustration Next' by Laird Borelli. Make sure you check them out, they're still amongst the best and most inspiring books around for fashion illustrators despite being released a few years ago. Sadly Ren� and Jannis work seperately now it would seem, and this type of work for them is now a thing of the past .Also excuse the quality of the two poor images of natalia vodianova, it was the best I could find online!

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