Now you m ay know I am sort of home proud and like to keep it nice around me (although no, I may not always perhaps manage to keep it that tidy, ehrm, but I refer to it as a bohemic mess...I know Eddi, my mom or my sister will point this out anyway when they read this.)

I especially like to get plants and flowers and place them out around the house, mostly on the balcony now that we're still on the lighter side of the year.

I also try to remember to take care of them properly.

However, it does not always go that very well.

In fact (oooops)...

...sometimes it goes really really bad.

(I nowadays refer to my balcony as the gothic garden due to all it's dying flowers- the sunflowers did not make it that along either as you may spot from the corner.)

But one does not always have to be perfect at everything.

Or at least not admit it, right? *wink wink*

But oh well, I may not have that green fingers.

But I do have red nails!


a really swell dress!

You did not really think this post was about my balcony gardening now did you?

Perhaps you may remember this dress from a few years back; I bought it from a vintage store in Copenhagen. It only took me two years to sew those two small seams in the back it needed to fit me better. Whoah, I can actually use it now instead of just having it on display on my clothing rack.

And, it's the perfect day dress -haha- it has pockets! You know that immediately raises it on my dress scale. Were I to have such a scale, that is.

The suede shoes are old, very old; my grandmother's from the early fifties and the belt is Vivien of Holloway.

Also, I took these pictures myself. On our balcony. Sometimes when I think about that it seems a bit retarded. But then again ladies, I do have a tongue and I tend to stick it in my cheek from time to time.

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