Two Sundays ago, after that wedding, was spent in Turku as it took us a few hours before we could start driving home. Those weddings tend to last late...

I've actually been quite little over to Turku but Eddi studied there during the nineties. Also, as you perhaps can tell, he does not really like to be in the focus of the camera.

We went to see the Alice in Wonderland Exhibition in Logomo; it's the biggest exhibition of contemporary photography over here so far and it's part of the Turku being (one of the? Not sure) design Capital(s) in Europe this year. (Helsinki is giving back by being World design Capital next year).

We found the first red leave of the season on our way there! Then I noticed that rather many trees were red already, which is strange since they have quite not turned yet at home, not even during this week. And there's not exactly a difference in climate between the cities. Well, nature worked in mysterious ways�

Here's Eddi doing fashion blogger outfit pose; I asked him to take a photo of me but I usually do a test shot first.

Those by-the-wooden-gate shots did not work out so here's me in my clothes (yup, not naked) above the railroad instead. Btw I'm wearing a shawl with a belt instead of a jacket. Quite nice when it's a-little-but-not-yet-that-cold.

Then we saw the exhibition. I can't say I'm a huge fan of contemporary photography per se ; it is such a wide concept - some artist and some works I like, others not.
Snapping photos of one's own was forbidden due to copyright so here's some of the pictures trough the internet instead: my behind (the censored version); the Ateileri boudoir shoots, among other Ateileri O.Haapala photos were displayed at the exhibition.

They also had a Tom of Finland retro perspective there. (You should know your Tom of FInland, at least a little bit. He has inspired a lot of things.) Interesting and oh so nasty!

I've seen lots of pictures of the Logomo caf� in different interior magazines and we had coffee there afterwards. Yes, very design-y and rather fresh, but as with many other impressive things it gives me a headache thinking of the actual work behind the piece. That somebody actually had to work there with X amount of black tape and stripe the whole place; walls floor ceiling and furniture. Not a good thing to think about on that kind of Sunday.

(Btw have you ever though about the fact that it is nearly impossible taking a photo of somebody eating wihtout having that person look like a moron. But never mind me and my sandwhich, just check out the tape-thing.)

After this I got myself a whole lot of coconut chocolate and then we walked back to the car and drove home.
Over and out!

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