Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

I've had lots of posts planned for you this week but they have had to wait as I have been working on a commission (that's what I did most of the B-day, sat by the mac), planning a huge party which will take place soon, being involved in renting a new burlesque rehearsal place after Bittycave which we gave up last May (finally!) and also, had some problems with the internet here at home. Which is more than annoying.

So instead of all else planned I give you some shots straight form the camera from today, as I've been snapping details of home during the day.

I baked a couple of cakes; I was having the family over in the evening.

And I licked the pot for breakfast.

Birthday flowers.

The cake turned out 12cm high and really really good.
I am SO the cake master!

I've also planted som more cuttings. I mean ticklies!

More birthday flowers!


My parents gave me this book, which I've been meaning to get forever!

With great old posters for Finnish tourism.

My sister.

Mom. Or, her bracelets.

My youngest sister and her boyfriend.

Hello there.

It's a nasty rain storm outside, but it's cosy on the balcony with it's lanterns, candles, and most of all sealable glass panels!


Crinolines in the bedroom.

But mostly here...

...I'm just trying out the new lens I got from Eddi as birthday present!

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