After doing a show in another town on Friday I drove out to the farm for Saturday night and Halloween.

We had some friends over and made hamburgers form scratch; the buns, the burger, the sauces.

I made coleslaw.

And here's my burger. Soy burger. With a whole lot of topping. Pretty heavy stuff I tell you.

K brought pumpkin pie.

And my sister's hubby and Eddi were textile twins.

Kitchen details.

As you may remember we did a mini renovation there last year, changing the walls from baby poop to baby blue, and other small stuff.

Old pictures in the kitchen.

I got a floral apron for my birthday.

Which gave me an idea for the long desired kitchen sofa we had just brought over from another house -

I wasn't sure what kind of fabric to use for the cushion (the original was something kike dirty mustard); the one I used for the curtains is out of production. From the apron I got the idea to use a Pip Studio table cloth (or runner actually, which luckily happened to be in just the right measurements!) as the top of the cushion. I used a custom cut mattress and red heavy cloth underneath.

Not that easy to sew actually due to the lace edges lf the runner, but it turned out pretty nice I think!

Here's a bonus pic of how it looks after a man has been tidying up in the kitchen ?
Alright, he did a lot more washing up than me that night, and it was clean and neat, but my first reaction to this was "only a man"... (you know, as in response to all those "yes, it's a woman"-parking etc. pictures on the internet...)

We plan to remake pretty much everything in the house; floors, ceilings, walls, as a lot of the materials are kind of ugly (due to being put there in the 80's). There's a mix of too many different woods and shades. But that requires lots of time and money and one seldom has those at the same time... The right materials and colours would make the old furniture stand out more and look better - there is a lot of nice old furniture in there - plus give the old house it's character back. I like the old worn door however so it will stay.

And while waiting for being able to renovate I've done some moving around with the furniture in the house, as earlier it was just placed there without any thought. Gives more depth to the rooms now. Anyway, looking very much forward to get to plan and decorate (alright, planning done already, to get in to action)the whole house!

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