Under a bridge in Helsinki -

There is a steamboat.

And last Saturday on the lower deck...

...there was a party.

Our 30-year x 2 party!

And we are SO the party masters.
Kristina and I used to share a rather notorious flat with Mr.Drum n'Bass in the early 00's and threw a bunch of great theme parties back then. And we still know how to do it!
Can you guess what the theme was sort of about?

We had us an Andy Bellefleur there (would he once have been young and hot). And a whole bunch of other great people (didn't manage to snap any photos during the shows tough) :

Ten points and a parrot badge (ancient Finnish saying) if you can guess which song mister Marty is playing here?

(Sookie & the fangbanger! :)

It was a great party! You can listen to the soundtrack here: Tupelo Honey by TurrrboCherry.(That's a lot of banjos for you I tell you!)

You can see some more photos via the Freelancer's Fashonblog's Facebook page.

Next up is 40 then! (Seems pretty far away though as I can't recall what I did when I turned 20...)

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