Darko Kostic SS2012 haute couture ( + backstage video) ...

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                                                                         Jovana, Jelena, Anja, Stasha, me, Jelena, Brana and Marina                                                                                               ph. Marina and me

                                                                                                 video by me

Do you know what to write when someone leaves you speechless?! On Sunday, my blogger girls and I , went to the last show that closed Belgrade fashion week. It was really special evening. Darko Kostic, the only designer in Serbia who makes Haute couture , which could be measured with those that we can see on Paris Fashion week, showed his collection for SS2012. "Hi(p)steric roses" is collection inspired by flower forms, bushes, gardens and landscape architectures. Boho romance mixed with candy look reminds us on something sweet and soft, powder and soap, in nude, beige and white colors. The whole collection is totally hand made, every embroidery, flower, ornament and every dress is unique, cause its not possible to make the same one at all! We had great honor to be invited by Darko in backstage (he love bloggers), so now you have the opportunity  to see how it looked like right before the show started! He showed again that he is a fashion genius! If you check the video you will see - PERFECTION! I have never seen anything like this, completely flawless! Bravo!

Once again, thank you Darko! 

p.s. check the posts from other girls to see more great photos!

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