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                                                                                                ph. Olja and me

The day before i left the Netherlands, i visited the Grote markt, which is the most popular Market Square in Haarlem downtown. Flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits, the smell of hot cashew nuts, spices .... is just a small part of their offer. It reminded me of some old markets, sellers with their van/trucks full of goods. So cute. This was also my last walk through the downtown, and after that i was struggling with the luggage and packing. :)
On Sunday morning ( October 13th) , Olja and i had our flight ( she came back home to visit her family) and before it, we spent some chilling hours in Starbucks, eating the most perfect cheesecake in the whole world! Two and half hours of flight, and we were back in Belgrade. This is the last post with photos from my trip. Hope you enjoyed! In the next one, you will see the video, and this tour will be finished! :)

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