Lazy pajamas day ...

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Early morning ( for me) , fashion week is over, no more events, so many things to show you, waiting in the drafts but its time to slow down a bit, and these are my plans for half of the day ... I will be sitting in  pajamas and favorite h&m bathrobe, eating cookies  ( the whole pack is right here, hidden from you;)) and reading some of  my beloved blogs. Beside those from my blogger girls, the top three for me are:
1. Carolines Mode - because of her simple style ( skinny jeans, perfect boots, great bags, oversized tops and lovely jackets) and skills behind camera .
2. The Man Repeller - first of all,  because of her great sense of humor ( i love to make jokes like she does, on my own expense, there is nothing better than this) and her layering advices.
3. Atlantic- Pacific - because she is "the queen of style", a constant inspiration, a girl who knows how to mix and match and always be so chic, also because of her layering talent and jewelry usage.

Do you have a favorite blogger, blog? Who is your inspiration?
Can't wait to hear and click on those names!        

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