You know that joyful feeling of suddenly discovering one piece in your wardrobe that you did not know exist?

OK; maybe you don't know. Maybe it's not that normal to find out you have had a vintage wool two piece suit hanging in the back of your closet for a couple of years at least!

I went to the storage closet - quite the trip I tell you, all the way trough the messy study with suitcase after suitcase of burelsque stuff waiting to be unpacked after shows. And the US suticase from last summer with one cotton dress and two tops still in it (I did not just admit that!) -to already pick up my winter jacket since I had been feeling cold and there all the wtf of a sudden the suit was, all the way in the back! It took me quite the while to go "oooh, that one!". I had completely neglected it for a couple of years.

Semi thick wool and lined, the perfect jacket for this both warm-and-chilly-at-the-same-time autumn weather.And with a warm pleated skirt too!

I think this is my grandmother's suit. It it most likely from the early seventies. But rather timeless ain't it? I remember not being too thrilled about it in the beginning as it was a little bit too big for me earlier, but, ehrm, it has magically shrunk during it's time in the closet. Amazing isn't it? And it's nothing wrong with it being a little bulky, I can fit more warm knits under it!

And, what best, it is just the same colour as my Fiona Timantti hat! Wooh!

(This reminded me of another suit I also have tucked away in the realms of my closet. But as my body has miscomprehended the fact that it is only the nose and ears that are supposed to keep on growing it might be a little too tight for me by now. That damn ass of mine just won't stop growing! Damn you, derr�re.)

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