George Stavrinos in Colour.

The above two are apparently for a German company that manufactured fabric.

'Rustler' for Blueboy Magazine.



Anyone who owns issue 2 of Decoy or have visited this or my own blog, I've been a big fan of George Stavrinos for a few years. Since Sue Tait Porcaro launched the Facebook group 'Fans of George Stavrinos' many more of his hard to find illustrations have been uploaded onto the page.

Given that George was primarily known for his black and white drawings, I thought it would be interesting to compile a post of all his colour work. There is a lot of work for the gay porn magazine Blueboy that appears to exist NOWHERE online, and the best I can offer here is what I have managed to source either myself or via the works that have been uploaded to the facebook page via other group members, including members Herb Greenwood and Robert De Michiell which I am infinitely grateful for.

While the illustrations here bare all the hallmarks of George's technique, it's the black and white work for Barneys and Bergdorf that really did set him apart. I guess with these being in colour, they become endowed with reality too much, and the black and white work allowed Stavrinos to play about with line and stylization more, playing on his accentuation of edges and strong angular shapes. Admittedly, I still prefer his monochomatic work, but these goes to show that George was no stranger to colour and in fact used it very effectively. I'm still desperate to see these illustrations in their full glory. Some of the drawings, particularly the one directly below, are studies for other illustrations and not final pieces.

'Study for Bather'

Unknown. Guessing for Blueboy magazine?

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Travels in Gay America cover.

Bud Light Commercial.

for PlayGirl Magazine.

'Lifeguard' for Blueboy Magazine.

for Blueboy. Unsure of the title.

The above two illustrations were for GQ Magazine (early-mid 80s)

portrait of Meryl Streep.

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