Some people go out and party on Saturday night.
I stay at home in mjukisbyxor* my neglig�e (of course) having cookies. With milk. Milk!
Where has the world gone? Where has my red wine gone?

Oh well, considering I've been away most other weekends performing I am not that much of a granny yet... (although I feel rather old as I totally oppose to change of any kind in any routines especially -and pretty much only now that I think of it- when it comes to the internet. I am not fond at all of the new Layout um, mode or so whatever its called that I am finally trying out on blogger. Have all of you updated already? I'm pretty sure it'd bring more benefits in some ways but I think I'll leave my template as it is and just switch back to the old interface too. Hah! Now somebody please fetch me my wool socks! And that walking cane too.)

*) Academically correct term for soft leisure pants in Swedish

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