I've never been a huge fan of Lady Gaga per se, but I've always found her a rather cool artist, or should one say phenomenon. In general her music is not really my cup of tea although it is quite catchy and well produced. (But I think the refrains kind of suck.) However, I've heard some a capella or acoustic versions of hers and she really can sing! And she is a rather versatile artist, as you can see (and many probably already have) here:


This is quite funny I think! And I love the turquoise bob. The lace dress is pretty cool too.

(But you know what's weird. Everybody knows who Tony Bennett is, or at least the name. But he is not the kind of performer or person that I think that much about, in fact I don't think I've ever thought about him or deliberately listened to him, just had it registered in my head who he is and what he does, sort of. So I thought it was pretty weird that I one night earlier this autumn had a dream where I had this big ceramic plate in my hands that said "Tony Bennet" on it, painted with a thick brush, in blue colour. And I remember walking around with that plate, holding it over my head. When I woke up I was all wtf what a pointless and strange dream. And then I opened the morning paper and they had an article about Tony Bennett!! About the new record of his that he's done together with all these contemporaneity artists, this with Gaga and also with Amy Winhouse for example. But it was a very strange coincidence to first have the dream and then read the article. OK bye happy Sunday!)

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