I was about to blog abut something totally different but just received some pictures from a shoot I was part of a long time ago. And as I am in a slightly glamourous mood due to the President's Independence Day Ball on TV (no 4th of July partying over here, this is a very serious and calm day mostly remembering the war those who fought in it. The ball is for politicians, officials, the most famous artists and people who in one way or another have done something for the country. Plus some randoms. Apparently my invitation got lost in the post, again...) with all it's glamourous and perhaps not always so glamorous dresses and hair do's I decided to post something a bit more glamorous myself.
Of me.

Photos by Timo Kauppila / Indav

This was before I cut my hair; I had curled it and rolled it into a fake bob.

The photos are part of a bigger whole for a project for which we, the IBTC, modelled. We'll probably post some more on the burlesque blog at some point.

Well alright, that's it with the movie star inspired pictures, now I'll get back to the ball on TV waching the next 500 people shake hands with the president while people at home judge their appearance. For the rest of you out there, here's a piece of Sibelius for you, suitable for today: Finlandia.

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