Born Richard Selzer, the former child actor invented the name �Dick Ellis� for his stage career and reinvented himself in 1958 as a fashion designer with a new surname and a line of clothing called simply, "Mr. Blackwell."  He enjoyed his reputation as America�s best known and sometimes feared fashion critic and creator of the �Ten Worst Dressed Women List.� Of his eagerly anticipated annual list Mr. Blackwell reported he was �sick of the ugly clothes that were being presented in the fashion industry and, as a dress designer, wanted to express his opinion.�

The list was started by Blackwell in 1960 with Anna Magnani in the number one spot - Brigitte Bardot a close second, and appeared January of each year through 2008 when Victoria Bekham beat out Amy Winehouse for the top spot on the list.

Whirlwind Of: Clinging Lines
Harper's Bazaar March 1963
Photography: Hiro Wakabayashi

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