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Okay, i gotta admit, since last night my newest addiction is definitely Instagram! As soon as i saw that they published Instagram for android version, i installed it immediately and start playing of course ( get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android) ! If you already have it, you can follow me there, too,  @vanjaam is my user name! ;)

My last two weeks are in these photos:
- i got a gorgeous silk blouse from Romwe ( i will wear it soon),
- played with my dogs for the whole weekend,
- had coffee/ice cream/vitamin bomb breaks with my lovely girls,
- made with my dad new wardrobe and drawers ( for jewelry),
- took a photo of my camera because lots of you were asking me which one i use, 
- and got this great phone from our mobile network Mts!
Grateful and satisfied, what else to say!

So, from now on, i will post occasionally pictures from my profile, some cute details, jewelry, food ...Combined in one or separated (as i did it today), hope you will like it! :)

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