Classy irony ...

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                                                                                             photo : Zoran Trifunvic
                                                                                             styling : Jovana Bozovic
                                                                                             hair : Studio Prostor
                                                                                             make up : Nena Ilic
                                                                                             model : Tijana Krstic
                                                                                             shoes : Giordano Torresi
                                                                                             design : INES atelier

Today i received these photos as an exclusive preview of the upcoming fashion show, and i immediately wanted to share it with you. Should i say something about them? They are absolutely perfect, from gorgeous dresses, beautiful model, sparkly details, mint nails, pure fashion satisfaction!
I already wrote couple of  times about Ines Jankovic as a designer, so you can check it here, here and here.
Ines atelier is a young fashion brand, designed for elegant women with sophisticated taste and pronounced character. Their style is known for its sense of feminine power and confidence without sacrificing comfort.
Classy and stylish with touch of timeless glam, im pretty sure that every women would love to own at least one of these dresses in their wardrobe.
On 17th May, we will have chance to see completely new collection called "Classy irony" for SS/2013 from Ines atelier, and i can't wait to be part of that (i can already say for sure) great fashion show. :)

p.s. see you tomorrow with new outfit post and small surprise ;) you can check FB page later for a little sneak peek!

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