Week through Instagram 3 ...

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                                                                                               ph. via instagram (@vanjaam)

And its time to show you what was i doing/eating/wearing last three weeks ...
1.i tried this master piece,
2.i cleaned my toe nails,
3.i touched the sky,
4.i shared club sandwich with my sister,
5.i got pimped bike from my grandpa (im real gangsta now),
6.i went on a night cruise (here in Belgrade) with lovely girls,
7.i ate strawberries with chocolate ice cream,
8.i went to a fashion show,
9.i wore my beloved earrings,
10.i had, oops one more choco/ice cream/eat me break,
11.i had snack too (pop kek-Turkish cake),
12.i`ve invented "oversized" as a fashion term and this is a proof (its mini me),
13.i wore stripes&chains,
14.i melt in my mouth raspberry biscuit cake, sorry,
15.i took my leo to a grocery shopping at Saturday morning,
16.i had ice cream again with my love,
17.i made perfect photo for instagram and i got hearts ....

What were you doing? ;)

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